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General Information

Registry - Our dogs and all of our litters are registered as Old-Time Southern Bulldogs with the National Kennel Club. This is done more for the sake of keeping breeding records than anything else. As stated below, this breed is not intended for the show ring, and their registry is in no way an attempt to get them there.

Puppies - We have puppies available occasionally. There are only one or two carefully planned breedings per year. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please feel free to contact us to find out what the next breeding will be. Prices vary and are generally negotiated at time of deposit/purchase. We will post on our website when we do have puppies available. We do not have adult dogs for sale. Puppies are vaccinated with a 6-way shot at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks and are given wormer at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. See our Litters page for additional information about puppies.

Terms of Purchase - As stated above, price of puppies is negotiable. We do allow specific puppies to be reserved before they are ready to leave, however, in order to reserve pick, a nonrefundable deposit is required. We do guarantee replacement for our dogs if they should come up with any type of congenital defect or serious deviation from the following breed standard. The replacement will be provided from the next available litter upon proof of defect and upon proof of the animal being spayed/neutered or destroyed.

Breed Standard - In the following breed standard, it needs to be understood that all that is written herein is based on the dog's ability to do the work it was originally bred for, not to win shows. The hog hunter, stockman, or person seeking a reliable family guardian need not worry about the color of the dog's eyelids or even his coat for that matter. It is understood that people have certain preferences, but these should not overshadow the animal's utility.

The basic body type of these dogs should be compact, thick, and very muscular. The head should be broad with large jaw muscles and a medium length muzzle. The teeth should meet in scissors, reverse scissors, or a slight undershot bite. Bite should not exceed 1/4" undershot, as this could affect the dog's ability to grip (a large overshot could have the same affect, but is not as likely to occur in this breed). Females should range from 50-75 lbs and males from 60-85 lbs with height being proportional to weight. Most of these dogs have at least a 50% white coat, but brindle, pied, and any solid color but blue is acceptable. Cropped ears and docked tails are a matter of personal preference and do not affect the animal's ability to work; these practices, therefore, are completely acceptable.

Temperament is extremely important. Dogs should possess an outgoing, friendly temperament. This does not prevent a dog from doing his job as catch dog or guard dog. There should be a high level of animal aggression, however, this can be trained out of the dog if done so at an early age. Many dogs end up being best friends with cats and other pets when raised in such environments. There is also usually a desire to be dominant among other dogs. This too can be trained out, as most situations do not require a dog-aggressive animal.

Serious faults include the following:

* a deviation of more than 10 lbs above or below the maximum or minimum weights,

* short muzzles which restrict free breathing,

* shy or fearful temperament,

* long or shaggy coat, which may indicate a non-bulldog lineage.


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